Saturday, January 03, 2009


Reflections on 2008

Another year has come, and I wanted to share some reflections with you all.

1. I am not a patient man, and waiting in airports is not my favorite activity.
2. As an aside and with reference to the same issue: I do not like lounge singers.
3. Traveling is fine, but I like coming home best of all.
4. It is easier to take down a trampoline than it is to set one up.
5. it is easier to fall off a trampoline than to relive your youth ("I'll bet I can jump higher than you" is not a proper challenge for an over 40 person to issue to a 9 year old!)
6. Preparing lessons, sermons, or lectures on a weekly basis is not as easy as you think.
7. I hang out with some amazing people . . . true scholars who sometimes overwhelm me with their knowledge and love for God as well as wonderful young adults whose passion for Christ pushes me to desire to be more like Him.
8. I have a great family and great friends.
9. My daughter is simply amazing. I wish I had her creativity.
10. My son is astounding. If I had half his energy (or brains), God knows what I could have been.
11. I love my wife more every day. No matter what the economic, political, or seasonal outlook, she gets prettier and smarter every day.
12. I am addicted to board games. . . and dominoes . . . and coffee. . . and meat . . . and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.
13. You can never have enough books, especially comic books (I may have another addiction, huh?).
14. I miss my dog.
15. January is a fine month, but I like it better with snow.
16. Christmas ends too soon.
17. Another year of college football is almost over, and I already miss it.
18. I'm not very good at writing reflections.
19. I better stop now.
20. No, I mean it, I have to stop!
21. Aaargh! Quit reading! Can't you see it is tempting me to continue!
22. The End

Maybe . . .

Happy New Year!

May God's grace and finest blessings be yours in 2009.

Thanks for reading!

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