Saturday, March 28, 2009


Three Things about Me . . . yeah, I got suckered in again!

10 sets of 3 Boring! [tm] Things about me

Yeah, I couldn't think of anything else to post, and someone I know sent this to me. So, here goes another cheesy set of stuff about me!

Three names I go by:
1. Leo
2. Dr. Percer (for classes)
3. Dr. P (for Facebook)

Three jobs I have had in my life:
1. Handyman on Mr. Knievel's dairy farm (to pay my way through college)
2. Youth pastor
3. Bookstore manager

Three places I have lived:
1. Millington, TN
2. Louisville and Bowling Green, KY
3. Waco, TX

Three favorite drinks
1. Coffee
2. Mountain Dew
3. Iced Tea (sweet)

Three TV shows that I watch:
1. Burn Notice
2. CSI: New York
3. Mentalist

Three places I have been:
1. Jerusalem, Israel
2. Athens, Greece
3. Siberia

People that e-mail me regularly:
1. My Wife
2. Seminary Students (more than one, yes, I know)
3. Ed Childers

Three of my favorite foods
1. Pizza
2. Steak
3. Chili con carne

Three friends I think will respond:
1. My wife
2. Ed Smithers
3. Krista Back

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. The first graduates from LBTS' new PhD in Theology and Apologetics Program
2. Getting SACS accreditation visit over and done
3. Watching my children grow up

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... remember, this will drive others nuts and continue the meaningless and sometimes vicious cycle of unnecessary and often boring information on-line. Oops, I mean "please do not spoil the fun."

Copy the note, delete my answers and type in your answers. Then tag a few good friends and family (especially those who you know will make snide and sarcastic comments about your answers) INCLUDING the person who sent it to you.

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